Frank Povah was born in Western Australia and spent part of his childhood on an island in the Buccaneer Archipelago off the wild and remote Kimberley coast in the far north of that State.

Among his grandparents are a long-distance drover, a crocodile trapper and a remarkable woman who lived on a Papua plantation in the early 20th century.

At 15, Frank was apprenticed as a hand compositor, undertaking six years’ instruction in the art of setting metal type by hand. On completing his indentures he became a journeyman, traveling widely throughout Australia and New Zealand and though working at a variety of occupations when younger – which aided and colored his later career – he always kept abreast of his trade through all the many, rapid changes it has undergone.

In the early days of photosetting he trained the composing room staff of a large New Zealand publishing house, worked at one of the first Southern Hemisphere newspapers to introduce cold type and began typesetting with Macintosh computers almost from their inception.


Through his proofreading skills he drifted into editing and writing – for which he’s always had a flair – and for the past 20 yeas has run a one-person business as a typesetter, editor and publisher. He is still contracted to a prestigious Australian journal as copy editor, columnist and small pieces writer.

Over the years Frank has typeset and/or edited scores of books for publishers and private contracts, and has proofread and copy edited countless others.

He knows all about deadlines and will move heaven and earth to get your job out on time. Confidentiality and service are assured.


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the little wallaby that could
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