When you place your project into the wallaby’s care, you can rest easy in the knowledge that it will receive the care it deserves.

the wallaby is widely experienced in editing, copy editing, writing, proofreading—even down to indexing.He has typeset, edited, proofread, copy edited, written or indexed—and in various combinations of these—publications ranging from cookbooks to accountancy textbooks to the Australian Encyclopaedia.

He still copy edits and writes a regular column and occasional small pieces for a prestigious Australian quarterly, an association spanning more than 20 years. It speaks volumes for his work that the editor asked him to continue his work for the journal after he moved to the USA. Until the structure of this company changed, the wallaby also copy edited and indexed a series of 20 plus regional guide books and many other publications produced by the organization.

the wallaby also typeset, copy edited and designed scores of books for a specialist publisher, edited and/or copy edited autobiographies of a wide rage of personalities including an Australian surfing legend, a wealthy Hong Kong business identity (which necessitated a crash course in Chinese cultural history) and a prominent Aboriginal leader.

A multinational publisher engaged him as an in-app copy-fitter for two large reference books with an international distribution and he was used as a consultant for a series of school textbooks by a Canadian publisher.

the wallaby is a rare beast—an experienced editor with a background in the printing trade and one whose life experiences have endowed him with a broad general knowledge.

An invaluable resource for your business

Australian Geographic: copy editor, columnist, small-pieces writer, consultant; edit/copy edit, read, index scores of publications

CQU Press typeset, design, copy editing

RM Williams’ Outback: cover story The Bush Anzacs

In-app copy fitting for two encyclopedic reference books with international distribution, one on wine, the other on Australia

Numerous other projects including design, typesetting and copy editing volumes of poetry, autobiographies for clients such as Booralong Press, Chapter and Verse and private contracts.

Typeset three bi-monthly tourism magazines

Indexed cookbooks for Murdoch Magazines

Published, typeset, edited Town and Country Post, Australasian Pigeon Fanciers Gazette

Typesetter, editor MPC Pigeon Messenger


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