the wallaby is an accomplished and experienced public speaker on a variety of entertaining and informative topics.

He as made presentations at oral history conferences, spoken at Lions and Rotary meetings, spoken to members of the University of the Third Age and to women's organizations. He has talked on a diversity of subjects to school children in both primary and secondary classes and presented many workshops at music festivals.

With an abundance of the famous dry, Aussie wit and capacity for understatement, he can entertain as he informs. Australia is an unknown to many people and its people are too often seen only as stereotypical characters in films and on Tv.

the wallaby can take you from the Roaring Days when Bill the Bullocky strode the plains and Cobb & Co. was king, through the early 20th century to modern times, and have you laughing as you travel—and sometimes bring a lump to your throat.

He can tell you how modern Australians look at the world and inform you on the vastly different attitudes of Aussies of his generation and background: why they want a republic, what colors their attitude to authority, the national anthem, the flag. Why were there once two white Australias as well as an official White Australia Policy. What is Australia really like? Who are the Aboriginals?

I thought we both spoke English: understanding each other

Just the same but really different

Yuuriimen and gunj: little people, ghosts and magic animals

It's that goanna—he's a bloody ventriloquist: the world of Aussie humor and bush folklore

Drawing straws to see who'll hang: the shaping of the Australian character

Why Australians celebrate a military defeat

For the want of an Irish king: the pre-baby boomer generation in Australia

These topics flashed through my mind as I typed the page, but if you'd like to suggest a theme the wallaby will do his best to oblige.


2009 Frank Povah
the little wallaby that could
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